Fall is the New Winter

How many actual fall days did we have I believe 2 ..Lol.  Here we are in November with January weather..what gives?  Officially winter starts December 21, 2018. Here in Chicago its here and now with 3 snow days already.

Remember the rule no white after Labor Day yea that rule is out of the window! The new rule is Do what you like!!! Where white yup if that’s what you want to do! How about purple, green or orange yes those are ok too! I used to believe in the Fall/Winter you had to wear warmer and deeper colors but in current fashion all hues of colors are acceptable. Pastels, Neons and prints can be worn and create looks that are stylish and very fashionable.

Regardless of the color one must be confident in what you choose to wear and as long as you are happy with your style. Fall/Winter 2018 has embraced the idea of brighter and lighter colors which are the trend for this season. There is no right or wrong way to wear the colors, mixing and matching prints and statement pieces of colored jackets that pop along with deep shaded booties including grays, caramels, navy and even leopard prints.

Carrying some of your summer items over into this season with layers of scarves, jackets, hats and handbags making a smooth transition into this cold and snowy weather.