Good Good Girlfriends

We often think we are alone in certain situations as women we carry a lot of weight. The weight of our children, our spouses, our work and finally after everybody has gotten their fair share, who else is left or what else is left for YOU!

At some point in time the pressure becomes so much that you are ready to explode. Before we get to that point I just want to encourage you is to find a Good Good Girlfriend that can listen, support and help you those tough times. Hopefully in talking it through you can learn that sometimes we need to put ourselves up a little bit higher on the totem pole. Take time to pay attention to our needs so that we can be less stressed and even more blessed.

In 2018, I was under so much pressure it felt like one thing on top of another. I had an infant child, a teenager, trying to figure out a new marriage ( in which the teenager wasn’t adjusting well at all), changes in my job, an unwanted house guest, loss of a sibling and was overweight. I felt like I was drowning. I wanted to go to counseling but didn’t know where to start. For a long time I just held it all in. I stopped socializing and consumed myself with my family responsibilities and work. I never want to claim Depression but I was in a very dark place. Instead of me reaching out I chose to continue to drown in frustration, anger and gloom.

At the end of 2018 I decided I wanted better for myself. I had lost ME somewhere along the way. I made a commitment to a healthier me mentally and physically. I began to reach out to my friend who I had been in touch with periodically but I wasn’t opening up about all I was going through. She encouraged me to write down some goals, create a vision and attack those goals like never before. It’s something about putting pen to paper that allows things to make sense.

In 2020 the load has gotten much lighter. I choose to focus mainly on positive vibes and doing what makes me happy. When I put myself last everything was out of order. That one conversation with my Good Good Girlfriend brought me out of the darkness.

Instead of holding things in and keeping it all bottled up we have to be open and know that we are not alone. It helps to talk to others sometimes you would be surprised, they may have experienced the same things or have some strategies to help you through.


My baby just got potty trained (Thank God – no more diapers), My teenager is doing well with his 1st year of high school and managing his relationship with his stepdad pretty good. I have come to terms with the unwanted houseguest and loss of my sibling (to be clear she is still alive just no longer in my life). My career is on track and I have loss 62lbs (yaay me).

Have you ever been in a dark place and struggled to break through? Do you have a Good Good Girlfriend to reach out to? If not I am here with a listening ear!!!