PCOS Fitness Challenge

The month of March I committed to a personal fitness challenge including No Scale, No Sweeteners, A Gallon of Water and 1 hour workout 5 days a week to meet my weight loss goal to lose 12+ pounds. Well when the world as we know it was paused those goals went out the window.

I recently came across a fellow blogger @cystumofcurves post about a fitness challenge to benefit PCOS Awareness Association. When I read her post it was definitely motivation to get back on track. Have you ever been in that space where you been telling yourself its time and then you come across an article or someone saying something that is just confirmation. This was a exactly that!

I accepted this challenge and am hoping if you are reading this you come and join me. The challenge is for 30 days and we are now in week 2. It is a virtual fitness challenge where you can connect your fitness device or manually add your daily activities to gain points for your team.

To join download the Kilter Rewards App, Choose join event and select PCOS Awareness Association Campaign, Select the Cystom of Curves challenge team and let’s contribute to a great cause.