Sock it To Me

For many socks maybe just an afterthought. Grab a pair of gym shoes and socks and head to the health club. That’s mostly what you think of when wearing socks but finding the perfect pair for your outfit can really make you stand out and in some instances become a conversation starter ( wink wink first date)! A compliment to a basic shoe can take your outfit to the next level. 

Socks can be paired with a loafer, high heel, bootie or a gym shoe. From elegant to casual a pair of designer socks can add a twist to a dress or a pair of jeans. There is no rule to this fashion statement the strappy sandal with a tulle sock or a chunky sneaker with a fun logo sock will add an extra layer when stepping out for your next event.  

Since summer will be winding down soon and sandals will be hitting the sale rack. A discounted sandal can still be worn into the fall with the addition of a cute little pair of socks. 

 Kick up your plush style! Here are 3 looks that are definitely a hit….