How to Create Your Own Style

Since we don’t have many options to choose from, how do you stand out from everyone else? That is where, how YOU wear it makes a difference.

I went to an office party about a year ago and ran into a childhood friend. We hugged because it had been a while since we had seen each other and then we did a once over and low and behold we had on the same dress. She had worn her dress as they sold it in the store black dress with a black belt and black shoe and viola off to the party she went. I had decided that I needed to add a little splash of color to my outfit I wore a choker that wrapped around my neck to a bow and added a blue belt with a blue shoe and a pair of fishnet stockings.

Many probably could have said they got on the same dress but if it were in People magazine on the who wore it best page, not to toot my own horn but you know the blue accessories did give it a little flair. I am saying this to say my number 1 rule is mix and match from different stores so that you can be unique and even if you do happen to have on an outfit or an item that someone else does, you still can be different.

Here are 5 fast style tips to make your outfit stand out:

  1. Belts, Belts, Belts – Have a vast selection of belts chain belts, patterned belts or colored belts can give you a waistline to increase the sexy and add a little more color or style to a dress/outfit.
  2. Scarves – Add a colorful scarf and add jewels that sparkle or hang that can add a bit of glitz and glam to your neckline.
  3. Jeans – Add a cuff to your jean or gather with a nice colorful sock depends on if you rocking a gym shoe or pump whichever I love to have a nice fitted jean with a colorful pump.
  4. Handbags – To accent that colorful bold bright pump I mentioned above. Grab a nice handbag that accents the shoe doesn’t have to match the color but it can accent the color for example a purple shoe and a green handbag to make it POP!
  5. Layers – Layer your look add a Kimono, Jean jacket or a nice Blazer. Always have a couple staple pieces to add and take your dress, trousers or jeans up a notch.

Happy Styling! Signing off from the desk of Da_Plush_Belle