I was supposed to be at the studio at 4 p.m. I had gathered all my things packed the car and got on the expressway with ample amount of time, so there would be no pressure. My assistant was scheduled to arrive prior to me getting there so there would be arranged and waiting for my arrival. I parked the car and went inside the loft where we were scheduled to shoot to find 5 ladies and a photographer.

My photograpger instantly saw my face drop he assured me this was my slot and we would be running on schedule and shooting as planned. I changed into my 1st outfit as he got the lighting together. When I looked at the ladies 3 of them were getting make up done, 1 was styling hair and the other was addressing the wardrobe.

As an influencer I know time is worth money. Anytime I have a scheduled time to be somewhere I try to get there early because my Dad always said, “On time is late and Early is on time”. The studio is a shared space when I arrived, I got dressed, shot 3 outfits and they still were making adjustments and were not ready.

Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your shoot:

1. Get outfits together the day before! (Make up and hair should be done before getting with the photographer ..I always thought that was a given šŸ¤£)Hang them on a hanger with all including all accessories (I usually place in a zip lock bag to hang). I prefer to place my clothing in a hanging bag instead of a suitcase due to less potential for wrinkled clothing

2. Prepare a styling kit to take along and keep the kit together so you can just throw it in the bag anytime you get ready to take pictures! It should include Vaseline/Lotion, safety pins, binder clips, hair pins/Bobby pins, portable steamer, lint roller, tissue and scissors.

3. Practice your angles in the mirror. So when its time to shoot you have an idea what angles will get you the best photos.

4. Stay hydrated and rest the day before. Its alot going from place to place, if you are an influencer like me changing in the car and getting to the next spot. You need to keep up with the pace usually photograpger are paid by the hour.

5. Finally try to choose your locations ahead of time. This gives you the advantage of lining up the right outfit with the best location. It also allows you the opportunity to bring props or anything you may want to add in your photos.

Bonus: Bring a Bluetooth speaker and a friend for a little hype squad to get you in the mood for the Perfect POSE!!! HAPPY SHOOTING!