Take the Leap, Sis!

I love to shop, get dressed and play in clothes and makeup. I rarely, hardly ever try on my clothes in the fitting rooms just because of the hassle. So it became a thing to go home after a shopping spree, turn on the radio get a glass of wine and try on all my new buys ( yes issa whole vibešŸ¤£).

I am always ordering from different companies and more recently I ordered a long A line dress that was more fitted than I usually wear. I tried the dress on and liked the color because Pink is one of my favorite colors. Then I instantly looked to my midsection and realized there is nothing to cover my midsection. There was no ruching, no peplum or I couldn’t add a jacket to throw on because it would take away from the off the shoulder look of the dress.

I looked at the side and the front angles, I sized myself up and then took it off and laid it to the side. I went on to try the rest of the things I had gotten in my order and when I got done I was thinking you are going to dinner, you deserve to put on whatever your heart desires and not care what anyone else sees as long as you feel good and walk with your head held high.

I took the LEAP! I stepped out the car in my dress and entered the restaurant and turned heads with my beauty! Take the Leap, Sis dont be afraid of what people may say or think be strong in who you are! I would wear this dress over and over again just to get back that feeling that I did it and I owned it! Confidence is what makes your outfit stand out not just the body that is in it! Hope I encouraged you today! Be strong, Be courageous, Be you!