Summer pieces make Fall Looks

What pieces from Summer can you transition to your Fall wardrobe? My answer all of them! I always take a few of my favorite summer pieces and carry them over to the Fall closet. There are just some things that I didn’t get to wear or some that I loved to wear all the time and would like to add a little flair to my fall fashion outfits. I love wearing sandals with tights and socks as we have talked about in previous posts. However more recently we got to experience a warm up in the Windy City and I transitioned a pair of denim shorts from the fall closet this was perfect weather to hop in them with a long bubble sleeved shirt, a pair of color tights and boots…Viola a fall look with summer pieces was born.

Many times short flair dresses can be worn with high boots or booties. Dresses can be layered with long sleeve shirts underneath or sweaters over the top to make a new popping look. Sandals and shorts can be paired with tights. Wearing pieces in different ways and carrying over items from other seasons can save you tons of money (and aren’t we always looking for ways to cut that shopping budget) also it could create the feel of a Capsule Closet where you take a few staple pieces and pair them with other pieces in different ways to create many different looks.

Let’s play dress up! I would love to hear from you if you have questions about some key pieces in your closet and how to pair them up for a cute fall fashion outfit! Comment below or inbox me on any of my social media platforms for a fun PlushExperience!