How I Found Love Again

As a young adult in one of my first relationships, I remember being in Love and that the guy showed me so much care and regard. He did things without me asking and he knew me inside and out. We were young, we eventually were separated but I learned what Love felt like.  One thing in relationships that I believe is so common is that we hang on to the negative feelings instead of taking the positive things and stacking that on the list of things we want in the next relationship,  leaving the negative things on the list that are just not acceptable.

In my next relationship I expected to feel all those things that I had felt and I know all men aren’t the same. So no I was not expecting a carbon copy but I know how I wanted to feel. I found myself attempting to please him more than he was providing me with the things I needed. He was a good in some aspects but in other he totally failed. Ultimately, I was determined this wasn’t the Love I expected, it wasn’t what I deserved and it was not the I knew I was capable of having.

What I have come to find is that I was so busy trying to please someone else that I lost what was most important which was me. Through dating, having fun, meeting new people and hanging out with old flames I was able to create that list of positives vs. negatives ( I know it sounds cliché but its biblical Habakkuk 2:2). I was on that hamster wheel spinning and spinning! What do they say about doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Well being on the wheel was driving me insane!

One day sitting at work at my desk I began to create this board adding to it things I wanted to accomplish, some specific things and some general concepts. I designed the vision I had for my life and sat it at my desk in plain view so that everyday I could see the things I’d envisioned for myself. To be honest initially I never consciously worked at meeting the goals but subconsciously I was focused on doing things to make my vision a reality.

 I found love again by designing my vision identifying the things I wanted to manifest and bringing them to past. Here is a view of my first ever vision that was manifested…

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I found Love, he treats my like a queen, he is funny and a great provider for our family! (Psst… let me share this secret …I found him online) I had a vision, I wrote it and made it plain if you are interested in learning more techniques to write and create your vision Join me and my girls of Full Figured Faith! Click the link below..

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